Some more pictures, mostly from my trip to Quebec City, August 2001.
Pictures from my cousin's wedding, August 99.

ZuZu and I, Spring 2000.

ZuZu and I

Halloween 99, picture taken by Natasa Przulj.

Halloween 99

This picture was taken doing night photography around the UofT campus. (August 99, picture also taken by Natasa.)

Night Photography

Dancing Rock-and-Roll with my partner in Germany (July 96). This figure is called the Italian (don't ask me why). (No, I didn't usually dance on the grass, that was just for the picture.)


This is when I had my full beard, and my hair was still growing... Picture taken in southern France with my German friend Jens (May 96).

Südfrankreich Pur

Hiking in the Rockies (in Kanaskis Country, for those who know the area) ... back when I had short hair and no beard (May 95).

Hiking in the Rockies

Summer skiing in the Rockies (Sunshine Village, May 95). That's my friend Dave skiing with me.

Skiing in the Rockies