CSCC24/324 Lecture Notes - Spring 2001

Week 1: Intro: Scarb version, Erindale version.

Weeks 1-3: Formal Specifications.

Weeks 3-6: Scheme. The downtown slides (PDF) cover the same material in a different way. You may find them a useful study aid.

Weeks 6-7: Type Systems.

Weeks 8-10: Prolog. Aside: Instantiation Terminology. Doing traces in Prolog by Diane Horton. Supplementary slides on the Prolog cut.
Prof. Stevenson has posted the following search trees on her web site, which you may find helpful. Note that she uses a slightly different convention for variable renaming. In class, I renamed variables that came from clauses in the fact base, but never variables from the query. In contrast, Suzanne also renames the variables in the query. Either way, the important thing to remember is that if you see the same variable name in a query and in a clause, they are distinct variables, which is why you need to rename at least one of them.

Weeks 11-12: Procedural languages. This set of slides includes the part I slides as I posted them earlier. If you already printed those, you can print the corresponding part II instead of printing everything again.
The swap example I used in class.