University of Toronto - Fall 2002 Department of Computer Science

CSC 324: Principles of Programming Languages

Old Announcements

December 7: Exam period office hours: next week, I will hold office hours Thursday Dec 12 at the usual time, 5-6pm, and Friday Dec 13 from 1-2pm. There will be no office hour on Tuesday, since most of the group seemed to believe it wouldn't be useful so long before the exam.

December 5: Make sure you look at the project clarifications. One (impossible) requirement has just been removed.

December 3: All unclaimed material, including any regrade requests I received by last week, are now at the CSSU.

December 2: A new version of the PS4 solutions is now available, with two changes: the solution to 3(c) had X and Y backwards, and I added a second solution for delete, which works with any query.

December 1: As I mentioned in class on Thursday, the exam review, which I will do next Thursday, will consist mostly of answering questions you suggest, about any of the course material since September. So please e-mail me questions you would like me to cover!

November 24: PS4 extension: 1 day. CDF was down yesterday (Saturday) from 11 to 5pm, and it appears to be down again this morning, although I don't know how long it has been down and when it'll be back up. As a result, I will move the deadline for PS4 one day, and the silent policy deadline one day as well, so that PS4 is due Tuesday at noon, and the silent policy starts Monday at noon. If CDF stays down all day today, I will reassess the situation, but I am reluctant to make the extension too long, because you should be looking at Project 2 as soon as possible, and I want to release the PS4 solutions early enough for you to have time to use it for P2.

November 18: Due to a conflict with my convocation, my office hour for Thursday this week will be held from 4 to 5 instead of 5 to 6 as usual, and I will be replaced for the evening lecture. Please use e-mail to contact me if you need to discuss something this week and this change means that you can't see me in person.

November 18: Project 2 is now available.

November 7: All unclaimed material so far, including day section midterms and regrade requests I received by last week, have been dropped at the CSSU.

November 7: I will be away for the week-end. Any questions about problem set 3 should be posted on the newsgroup or, if you must use e-mail, send them to Afsaneh Fazli: afsaneh at cs.

November 1: Midterm results are now available through the online marks system. Here are question by question statistics for the two section.

October 30: Unless you have my explicit permission, you must write the midterm in the section in which you are registered. Failure to do so will result in you not being allowed to write the midterm.

October 28: By kind generosity of Prof. Pitt, unclaimed problem sets 1 and 2 are now available outside his office, in SF4306, which is normally accessible during the day, until 5 or 6. At least this week, I will still bring the assignments to class as well. Note that all regrade requests I have received so far have been handled and are available with the unclaimed assignments.

October 24: Don't forget the midterm will be held next Thursday, October 31, in place of the tutorials. Day section: lectures will be held in BA1190 on Monday and Tuesday, and the midterm Thursday during the lecture time. Evening section: the midterm will be held during the tutorial hour, followed by the regular lecture.
Day section location:

Evening section location: You must go to the room I've assigned you, otherwise we will run out of midterm papers in the other rooms.
You must bring your student card with you to the midterm.

October 18: Problem Set 2 grades a now available from the online marks page.

October 15: Alex Kress will be offering additional office hours this week to answer questions about the project.
Wednesday, Oct. 16, 6pm--7pm
Friday, Oct. 18, noon--1pm
in BA3234 both times.

October 3: You can now query your marks using the Marks online link I just added above.

September 28: My office hour this Tuesday (Oct. 1) will be held from 1:20 to 2:00 pm. If you need to meet with me and this change means you can't, please e-mail me to make an appointment.

September 26: If you don't know yet what you temporary (or permanent) account is for this course, you can check the updated CDF account list to find out what your account is. Your initial password is your student number - you must change it the first time you log in.

September 21: A number of changes have been made to tutors and tutorial assignments. First, Diana Inkpen had to leave us to fill in an emergency vacancy as lecturer in another course. Second, with the increased enrollment, a fourth tutorial section had to be added to the day section. Hojjat Ghaderi has been appointed to fill in both of these sections. All day section students need to check to see if they have been moved to a different tutorial section.

September 21: Students who weren't able to enroll in the course yet or don't have a CDF account yet, but who want to use electronic submission, can e-mail me their assignment. Note that this option is available only to students who can't use the submit command because they don't have a CDF account yet. If you enrolled Thursday night or later, you probably won't get your CDF account on time, so you would be in this group.

September 13: CDF accounts were created last night. Check the CDF account list to find out what your account is. Your initial password is your student number - you must change it the first time you log in.

September 12: Since I've decided to post section numbers from both the 4th and the 5th editions, you won't need the TOC of the 5th edition if you have the 4th. However, you can still find the Table of Contents on the publisher's web page if you want to compare the two editions.

September 10: I was asked if the 4th edition of Sebesta is ok. Yes, it is, but you will need to photocopy the table of contents of the 5th edition to map the assigned readings to the right section numbers.

September 5: There was a mistake at the book store about the textbooks required for this course. For both sections, only the Sebesta textbook is required.

September 3: The location of the day section has been changed from WI1016 to BA1190. Also, there will be no tutorials in the first week of class; day section classes will start on Tuesday, Sept. 10, and evening section classes will start at 7:10pm Thursday, Sept. 12.