Picture of Joshua A. Grochow Joshua A. Grochow
Omidyar Fellow
Santa Fe Institute

Office: C-4
Office phone: (505)-946-2789
Email: [first initial][lastname]@santafe.edu

About Me

I am an Omidyar Fellow at the interdisciplinary Santa Fe Institute; my "home discipline" is (theoretical) computer science. My research lies primarily at the intersection of theoretical computer science and mathematics—particularly algebraic geometry, representation theory, and group theory—but I am starting to branch out into more general complex systems and, thereby, more worldly pursuits such as biology, energy, and the environment (which I've been interested in for most of my career).

Prior to coming to the Santa Fe Institute, I was a postdoc in the University of Toronto CS Theory Group, and prior to that I got my Ph.D. at the University of Chicago.

What's new

(May 9, 2015) The final, significantly expanded and edited version of Unifying known lower bounds via geometric complexity theory has now appeared, and is freely available forever (thanks to funding from SFI).

(Apr 21, 2015) Gave a CS colloquium at UNM: The role of symmetry (or the lack thereof) in algorithms and computational complexity.

(Sep 29, 2014) New paper posted: A framework for optimal high-level descriptions in science and engineering—preliminary report (joint w/ David H. Wolpert, Eric Libby, and Simon DeDeo). Particularly because this draft is a (very) preliminary report, we are circulating and soliciting comments and suggestions. Any and all are very welcome. (My first science paper outside of TCS!)

(Sep, 2014) Welcome to the world, little CFG!

(Jun 25, 2014) Circuit complexity, proof complexity, and polynomial identity testing accepted to FOCS 2014.

(Jun 16, 2014) Paper invited to a special 2015 issue of Computational Complexity: Unifying known lower bounds via geometric complexity theory

(Jun 1, 2014) Started at the Santa Fe Institute!