2015 McMaster LIVELab 10db concert series
(Connor Bennet-left, Me-right)

I am an artist/computer scientist/developer based in Toronto, Canada. I am currently working towards a Masters of Science in computer science at the University of Toronto, studying Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, and Computational Social Science. Before studying at UoT I completed a Masters of Arts in Communication and New Media at McMaster University in Hamilton. I also completed my undergraduate degree at McMaster in the Arts and Science Program. I have broad academic interests ranging from Machine Learning to Sound Art and Critical Theory. I'm currently interested in exploring the intersections of my MA work/research with my more recent Computer Science education in Data Science and HCI.

My artistic work revolves around solo and collaborative live coding (writing code in front of an audience to generate sound). I primarily use TidalCycles, SuperCollider, and also experiment with new interfaces that leverage the Web Audio API. I have performed at international conferences, including the International Conference on Live Coding (Hamilton, Canada - 2016; Morelia, Mexico - 2017; Madrid, Spain - 2019), the International Conference on New Interface for Musical Expression (Copenhagen, Denmark - 2016).