Autosave Gmail Drafts (by David James)

I love writing emails with Gmail. But often I lose my work when I forget to save my changes. This script should automatically save changes every time you switch away from the browser window -- e.g. to another tab, another window, or another application. Let me know how you like it!

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Firefox and the GreaseMonkey Extension
  2. Right click here, and select 'Install User Script'.
  3. Google has now implemented autosave as an official feature, so there's no need to install my script. Thanks Google!

Please report any problems to David James

See also

  • Raw source code for Gmail Autosave
  • Other GreaseMonkey Scripts by David James
  • Humane Gmail Autosave by Vito Miliano (not compatible with latest version of gmail)

  • David James is a fourth-year full-time Computer Science Student at the University of Toronto.