Geometry Processing – Smoothing

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Ryan Schmidt

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Geometry processing: Revision history

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“wrapping up” registration

new notes for last lecture


Smoothing a data signal on a surface

Smoothing a surface itself

Smoothing 1D data


Small stable explicit time step

Small unstable explicit time step

Big stable implicit time step

Final Project Idea: point based geometry processing

“Point-Based Manifold Harmonics”
[Liu et al. 2012]

Final Project Idea: Approximate geodesic distances on surfaces

“Geodesics in Heat: A New Approach to Computing Distance Based on Heat Flow”
[Crane et al. 2013]

Final Project Idea: robust smoothing

“Robust Fairing via Conformal Curvature Flow”
[Crane et al. 2013]

“Can Mean-Curvature Flow Be Made Non-Singular?”
[Kazhdan et al. 2012]

Final Project Idea: non-rigid alignment

“Global correspondence optimization for non-rigid registration of depth scans”
[Li et al. 2008]

“Sparse Iterative Closest Point” [Bouaziz et al. 2013]

Other ideas