Geometry Processing – Introduction

Laser Scanning

Scanning Michaelangelo’s David sculpture in Rome

“The Digital Michelangelo Project: 3D Scanning of Large Statues” [Levoy et al. 2000]

Artec’s handheld scanning of another David

On YouTube

Speed modeling

Do Canadians spell modelling with one or two l’s?

Smoothing Max Planck


Deforming a character


Interactive visualization from CT scans of Mummies

“Interactive visualization of 3d scanned mummies at public venues” [Ynnerman et al. 2016]

Spectrogram of the words “nineteenth century”

On Wikipedia

Spectral analysis of an image


Spectral processing to smooth and enhance

“Gradient-Domain Processing of Meshes”, [Chuang et al. 20016]

Wikipedia page for Geometry Processing is pathetic

Geometry Processing on Wikipedia

libigl is a C++ library for Geometry Processing

libigl tutorial