Iqbal Mohomed @ the University of Toronto!

Iqbal Mohomed, PhD
Senior Staff Researcher
Samsung Research America
Mountain View, CA
PhD Advisor: Eyal de Lara
Email: i.mohomed insert_an_at_symbol

I've completed my PhD at the University of Toronto.

The information on this page may be a bit of date. As of August 2015, I am a Senior Staff Researcher at Samsung Research America. From Oct 2010-Aug 2015, I was a Research Staff Member at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center in Westchester, NY. Prior to that I was a post-doc at Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley.

My Research interests are in distributed systems infrastructure for Internet of Things(IoT), wearable computing and mobile computing. I'm also interested in how these technologies can improve elder care, health care and the life of caregivers.

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