Relevant literature

Book chapter about the philosophy behind deep architecture model, motivating them in the context of Artificial Intelligence

  • Scaling Learning Algorithms towards AI | pdf |
    Bengio, Y. and LeCun, Y.
    Book chapter in "Large-Scale Kernel Machines"

Introducing Deep Belief Networks as generative models:

  • A fast learning algorithm for deep belief nets | pdf ps.gz html |
    Hinton, G. E., Osindero, S. and Teh, Y.
    Neural Computation (2006)

Deep Belief Networks as a simple way of initializing a deep feed-forward neural network:

  • To recognize shapes, first learn to generate images | pdf |
    Hinton, G. E.
    Technical Report (2006)

General study of the framework of initializing a deep feed-forward neural network using a greedy layer-wise procedure:

  • Greedy Layer-Wise Training of Deep Networks | pdf tech-report-pdf |
    Bengio, Y., Lamblin, P., Popovici, P., Larochelle, H.
    NIPS 2006

An application of greedy layer-wise learning of a deep autoassociator for dimensionality reduction:

  • Reducing the dimensionality of data with neural networks | pdf support-pdf code |
    Hinton, G. E. and Salakhutdinov, R. R.
    Science 2006

A way to use the greedy layer-wise learning procedure to learn a useful embeding for k nearest neighbor classification:

  • Learning a Nonlinear Embedding by Preserving Class Neighbourhood Structure | pdf |
    Salakhutdinov, R. R. and Hinton, G. E.
    AISTATS 2007

Different theoretical results about Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs) and Deep Belief Networks, like the universal approximation property of RBMs:

  • Representational Power of Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Deep Belief Networks | pdf |
    Le Roux, N. and Bengio, Y.
    Technical Report

A novel way of using greedy layer-wise learning for Convolutional Networks:

  • Unsupervised Learning of Invariant Feature Hierarchies with Applications to Object Recognition | pdf |
    Ranzato, M'A, Huang, F-J, Boureau, Y-L, and Le Cun, Y.
    CVPR 2007

How to generalize Restricted Boltzmann Machines to types of data other than binary using exponential familly distribution:

  • Exponential Family Harmoniums with an Application to Information Retrieval | pdf ps |
    Welling, M., Rosen-Zvi, M. and Hinton, G. E.
    NIPS 2004

An evaluation of deep networks on many datasets related to vision:

  • An Empirical Evaluation of Deep Architectures on Problems with Many Factors of Variation | pdf html |
    Larochelle, H., Erhan, D., Courville, A., Bergstra, J., Bengio, Y.
    ICML 2007

Application of deep learning in the context of information retrieval:

  • Semantic Hashing | pdf |
    Salakhutdinov, R. R. and Hinton, G. E.
    IRGM 2007