I completed my PhD in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Here's my new webpage.

My research area is Computational Biology and my supervisor is Quaid Morris. In the fall of 2011, I was a research intern at Microsoft Research, Cambridge working on gene-environment interactions in asthma.

I am interested in developing machine learning algorithms for problems in molecular biology. Currently my research is on identifying binding specificities of RNA binding proteins from high throughput affinity data.

For more information, please download my resume.


ML Wilbert, SC Huelga, K Kapeli, TJ Stark, TY Liang, SX Chen, BY Yan, JL Nathanson, KR Hutt, MT Lovci, H Kazan AQ Vu, KB Massirer, Q Morris, S Hoon, GW Yeo (2012) LIN28 Binds Messenger RNAs at GGAGA Motifs and Regulates Splicing Factor Abundance, Molecular Cell, 48: 1–12

KB Cook, H Kazan, K Zuberi, Q Morris, TR Hughes (2010) RBPDB: a database of RNA-binding specificities Nucleic Acids Research 2010; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkq1069

H Kazan , D Ray, E Chan, TR Hughes, Q Morris (2010) RNAcontext: a new method for learning the sequence and structure binding preferences. PLoS Comput Biol 6(7): e1000832. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000832

H Kazan, D Ray, E Chan, TR Hughes, Q Morris (2009) Learning the sequence and structure binding preferences of RNA-binding proteins from noisy affinity data. In Proc. of RECOMB Satellite on Regulatory Genomics 2009, accepted for oral presentation

D Ray*, H Kazan*, E Chan, LP Castillo, S Chaudry, S Talukder, BJ Blencowe, Q Morris, and TR Hughes (2009) Rapid and systematic analysis of the RNA recognition specificities of RNA-binding proteins. Nature Biotechnology, 27: 667-670 *co-first authorship

O Bodenreider, Z Coban, MC Doganay, E Erdem and H Kosucu (2008) A Preliminary Report on Answering Complex Queries related to Drug Discovery using Answer Set Programming. In Proc. of Applications of Logic Programming to Semantic Web and Web Service.


You can find more information about RNAcontext from here.


CSC 2541 Bayesian Methods for Machine Learning, Winter 2011

CSC 2511 Nature Language Computing, Winter 2010

CSC 2431 Introduction to Computational Complexity, Fall 2009

CSC 2431 Introduction to Distributed Computing, Fall 2009

CSC 2431 Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data, Winter 2008

MIE 1511 Data Integration in Life Sciences, Winter 2008

CSC 2125 Topics in Software Engineering, Winter 2008

CSC 2515 Introduction to Machine Learning, Fall 2007

CSC 2502 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Fall 2007



hilal at cs dot toronto dot edu


Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research
160 College Street, 6th floor
Toronto, ON, M5S 3E1

Mailing address

Hilal Kazan
Department of Computer Science
10 King's College Rd., Room 3302
Toronto, ON, M5S 3G4