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Santa Cruz, California, 1979, where I co-taught a summer school. Edsger Dijkstra is leftmost; then Miren Carranza; Rod Burstall has his back to the camera; John Backus is looking between Rod and me. Photo by Chris Lengauer.

Pont-a-Mousson, France, 1983. L-R: Ole-Johan Dahl, Michel Sintzoff, me, Doug Ross, Tony Hoare, Jim Horning, John Guttag

Austin Texas, 1990. Edsger Dijkstra's 60th birthday party. He asked me to sit next to him at the head table. R-L: Edsger, me, David Gries, Anne Kaldewaij

Jeremy Gibbons with my daughter Amanda, at home 1993

Elora Mill, Ontario, 1994. L-R: Ric Holt, Marie Holt, me, Edsger Dijkstra, Ria Dijkstra

Tony Hoare and me, just outside my office in Toronto, 2004

Stirling Scotland, 2004. me with Greg Nelson

My first PhD student and still friend Chris Lengauer, his wife Jutta and their dog Yulius, Passau Germany, 2004

with Margaret, my postdocs Jenny Zheng and Wan Jianyi, and their husbands, 2006

with Yuri Gurevich and 3 of my graduate students Justin Ward, Albert Lai, Robert Will in Toronto 2007

at a research showcase in Toronto, 2012