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me, at home, 2015 January

my wife Margaret at Theo Norvell's house, 2014

me at Theo Norvell's house, 2014

me with granddaughter Neomi and son Josh at their house, 2014

with Margaret, Woods music camp, 2012

retirement party, 2012

wedding, Margaret's side, Ottawa, 2011

wedding, my side, Ottawa, 2011

wedding, Ottawa, 2011

me on guitar, 2011

fiddling in a dance band, Paris ON, 2010

fiddling with my wife, Paris ON, 2010

France 2009

Margaret and me, 2008

Margaret and me, StLucia 2007/2008

Margarita Island 2006/2007

Margaret Amanda me Danielle Josh, Galapagos 2005/2006

with Josh and Amanda in Curacao 2005

white water rafting on the Ottawa 2004. I'm in the front right of the raft. Margaret, Amanda, Danielle, and Amanda's friend Millie are there too.

with the Reyes family in Cozumel 2003

me and Amanda at Tawingo 2001

with daughter Amanda in StLucia 2001

me diving in Hawaii 2000

me, Amanda, and Josh in Hawaii 2000

sister Pat, brother-in-law Steve, daughter Amanda, Portsmouth 1998

London 1998 with Josh and Amanda

in Ottawa, 1995, with mother, sisters, brother-in-law, and kids

at home with Amanda 1995

with son Josh and daughter Amanda at Strathcona Park, 1995

me jumping in 1994

reading to my daughter Amanda, 1993

with daughter Amanda at Andrew Malton's house 1993

me, Baltic Sea, 1970

my BSc graduation, Ottawa 1969

me in 1966

Venice, 1965

me in Ottawa 1950