the CSC 258 Computer Circuits

register connections, micro-program control, detail of micro-program control, bus, optimized register connections, asynchronous control, interrupt

ABBREVIATIONS used in diagrams

ALFALU function selector
ALUarithmetic and logic unit
AL1first operand of ALU
AL2second operand of ALU
ARaddress recognizer; portion of decoder
dbadestination bus address
Eextra or error output of ALU
FGIinput device flag
FGOoutput device flag
INPRinput port
INTmicro address for interrupt
IRinstruction register
MARmemory address register
MBRmemory buffer register
muPCmicro program counter
MSmultiplexer select input
M0multiplexer input, select with 0
M1multiplexer input, select with 1
OUTRoutput port
PCprogram counter
PGpulse generator
RAMrandom-access memory
ROMread-only memory
sbasource bus address