Student Research Projects


Several undergraduate students are working on research projects with me.

Current Projects

Past projects

Interested in working on a project?

Because of uncertainty around my future plans, I am not currently starting new project with students.

If you already have a good background in machine learning, computer vision, or statistics, and have a project in mind, I'm happy to chat with you. I usually also have a few projects in mind that I could use someone's help with; they require working knowledge of at least one of machine learning or advanced applied statistics.

If you are just starting out, I recommend trying to do a few assignments from one of the online courses listed under Resoures here. This will probably give you ideas about what kind of projects you'd be interested in.

Interested in doing a CSC494/CSC495 project?

Generally, I prefer to informally work with a person for a short while before formally supervising them for a CSC494/CSC495 project. If you took one of my courses and extended one of the projects that I assigned in an interesting way, that may count as well.

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