Scheduling a meeting with Michael

Hi! This page has instructions for setting up a meeting with me.

If you are a student in my class, please use the announced office hours for anything that makes sense for office hours, such as help with homework or questions about the material. For urgent or confidential issues, feel free to send me a meeting invite.

My professional calendar is available here. You need to log in to a Google account in order to access it.

Please pick a time slot that is not marked busy on my calendar, and send me a Zoom calendar invite. The instructions for sending a Zoom calendar invite are here. Please make sure to send a calendar invite via Zoom rather than just an email. (This allows me to put the meeting on my calendar in one click and without the possibility of introducing scheduling errors.)

Please note that you cannot modify my calendar — if you set up an event on Google Calendar, you are only setting it up for you, not for me

I am generally available for meetings 11am-6pm Eastern Time on weekdays, unless the timeslot is marked busy in my calendar. While I occasionally set up meetings outside those times/days, please do not send me invites for e.g. Saturday 7pm unless I told you it's OK to do so.

In your meeting invite, please include a brief description of what the meeting is about.

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