CSC320 Project 2: Painterly Rendering (Worth: 10% + up to 1% bonus marks)


This project can be done by teams of up to two students (people from the day section can work with people in the evening section)


The Project

Project handout (UPDATE Feb 15: updated image on p.4. UPDATED Feb 5: typos fixed in the paragraph above Eq. 2. ERRATUM: the edgel image in Part 3 was generated by using only the red channel as the input; here is an edgels image generated using the full grayscale image; you may use either just the red channel or the full grayscale image in the project, but indicated which one you are using.),, orchid.jpg.

Processing Images and Video for An Impressionist Effect by Peter Litwinowicz.


In addition to the project (and the outputs required in the project report), you can submit a painterly rendering that your code produced (with the parameters tweaked to produce particulary good output) for a class-wide contest. Bonus marks will be assigned to submissions selected by me and the TAs. The best submission (judged for aesthetic merit) will get a small prize and 1% bonus marks in the course. (Other submissions may be rewarded as well.)

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