Lab TAs

Monday 3p.m.

Runjie (Bill) Shi is an EngSci Biomed 1T8+PEY graduate currently in the MD/PhD program. His PhD research is on developing mobile ophthalmology diagnostic devices at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. His other research interests include clinical applications of surgical robotics and computer vision.
Qingyuan is an EngSci 2T4 majoring in Machine Intelligence. He took this course just two years ago! On his free time he loves to explore Toronto. He also has an interest in the board game Go.
Serena Liu is a third-year Engineering Science student pursuing the biomedical systems engineering major and artificial intelligence minor. Her summer research internship was on the topic of computational neuroscience and brain signal analysis. Outside of school, she likes playing badminton, gaming, and watching anime.
Jason Zhang (JAY-sun jawng) is an EngSci 2T4 + PEY in the biomedical systems engineering option. His research interests include molecular engineering, nanochemistry, and most recently, computational biology. In his free time, Jason enjoys exploring the outdoors and playing video games.
Lindy Zhai is a third-year student in Computer Engineering. She researched at the National University of Singapore with Dr.Shen Lei for accelerated materials development via materials genomic approach and machine learning. Her favorite spare time activity is listening to live jazz or watching stand-up comedy (at Myhal).
Annie Gao is a fourth-year ECE student. She enjoys reading, listening to music, eating ramen, and playing the violin.
Qinghao (Michael) Zhang is a second year MASc student in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He loves coding and his field focuses on IC layout parsing, processing and meshing. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and exploring fishing spots.
Natalie Volk is a third-year Engineering Science student, specializing in Machine Intelligence. She’s interested in software engineering, machine learning, and consulting. In her free time, Natalie enjoys figure skating, running, and reading.
Jonah Chen is a third year engineering physics student. He is interested in mathematics, physics, and machine learning. Outside of school, he enjoys landscape photography and classical piano.

Tuesday 12p.m.

Cindy Bui is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering. Her research involves image processing of two-photon microscopy images.
Nhien Tran-Nguyen is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering and an EngSci 1T9 alumnus (Biomedical Systems Engineering). She is currently conducting research in cardiovascular modeling, applying computational fluid dynamics to better understand coronary artery bypass graft failure.
Yuntao (Winston) Wu is a first year MASc student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research focuses on blockchain and machine learning applications in finance.
Emerson Grabke is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, enrolled in the combined MD/PhD Program at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, and an EngSci 1T7 (Robotics) alumnus. His research focuses on the applications of machine learning to medical imaging interpretation for the purpose of cancer diagnosis. In his spare time, Emerson enjoys the violin, video games, and swing dancing.
Julia Wiercigroch is a MSc student in the Computer Science department. Her research focuses on using computer vision and robotics to improve minimally invasive medical procedures. In her free time, she loves to play volleyball and take care of her plants.
George Saad is a 4th year Engineering Science student pursuing the Machine Intelligence major. He completed a software engineering internship with Facebook last summer and enjoys working on open-source and freelance projects. In his free time, he enjoys playing chess, reading, and swimming.
Fernando Assad is an EngSci undergrad studying machine intelligence. He does research in the field of representation learning and data science. When not working, he will spend time reading about economics and listening to music.
Haochen (Paul) Wang is an engsci 4th year undergrad in physics. He likes physics and is doing a thesis on it. He likes compiler optimizations and has a youtube talk on it. He likes Slay The Spire but has trouble with the ironclad. He likes badminton. His comfort show is HIMYM, The Good Wife and MasterChef. But for the purposes of this bio, he can python (and C for another bio in 4 months), he can teach, and he loves to pass on his bag of programming tricks to new first years.

Thursday 6p.m.

Guanghan Wang is an EngSci 2T3+PEY in the Machine Intelligence option. He currently works as a PEY intern in the Intel Programmable Solutions Group. He worked as a summer research intern on machine learning and computer security in the last two summers. He loves watching Japanese anime and reading Chinese classic literature in his free time. He is passionate about online education and course overloading. For more details, see his personal webpage here.
Samantha Unger is a fourth-year Engineering Science student, pursuing the biomedical systems option and a minor in artificial intelligence. She has been engaged with research looking at synthetic biology, selective peripheral nerve recording, and wearable data analysis, though not simultaneously. Outside of academics, Samantha enjoys exploring Toronto to try new ice cream flavours and experimenting with making ice cream herself.
Brian Chen is a third year EngSci in the ECE option. When he isn't cramming for class you can find him cooking, playing badminton, working with aUToronto, or contributing to open source.
Aidan Dempster is an EngSci robotics undergrad who focuses on computer vision and expanding the utilization of contrastive image models to more domains. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and beating first years at foosball in the EngSci common room.
QiLin Xue is a third year Engineering Science student in the Physics option. He loves working with all sorts of data whether it is from physics, natural language, or from web scraping miscellaneous websites. He is also an avid enjoyer of sports, such as code golf and leetcode marathons.


Michael is available during his office hours Wednesday 6pm-7pm in BA2028 and on Zoom
Michael Guerzhoy taught in EngSci on and off since 2007. He's been Assistant Professor, Teachihg Stream in EngSci and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering since 2020. He is also an affiliate scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowldge Institute at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Recently, he's been a lecturer at the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning at Princeton University and a Senior Data Scientist at St. Michael's Hospital. Michael teaches data science, computer science, and machine learning and applies data science and machine learning to improve patient care. He also enjoys taking on data science consulting projects on the side. When not working, Michael likes to sing, sometimes about grading.