CSCA08H: Course Software


In this course, we will be working with Python, an interpreted, object-oriented language. There is extensive Python documentation; you can use it online or click the first link to download the documentation to your own computer. (Please do not download it to your campus account; use the online version instead.)

CSCA08's Computing Environment

The course software is available in the computer labs on the 4th floor of BV. If you work on your own machine, make sure to test your code on a lab machine before submitting your work.

Required Software

The following packages are used in this course. If you wish to install the software on your own computer, install all four packages (Python, Wing (or an IDE of your choice), PyGraphics and nose). PyGraphics requires several packages that you should also install; its wiki page will tell you which ones you need for your system. If you run into problems, post your questions and any error messages on the course discussion board. However, the course staff (instructor, TAs, and system administrators) will not be able to sit down and help you install the software: we are responsible for labs on campus, and you are responsible for your own computer.