CSCA08H: Fall 2011


Welcome to CSCA08H! This is an Introduction to Computer Programming at UTSC. By the end of this course, you should be comfortable with procedural programming in Python and be familiar with core computer science topics like algorithms and complexity.

Successful students from past terms agree that the keys to this course are (1) frequent practice and (2) being active in the community. First, try to read or write Python code every day – if only for a few minutes – rather than putting exercises and assignments off to the last minute. This will make lectures easier to understand and will also give you plenty of time to ask questions. Second, make friends with your colleagues around you in lecture and in your lab (practical). You will also see many of the people in this class in your other courses this semester as well as the rest of your time here, so work with each other on the discussion board, form study groups, and look for departmental seminars and social events, and you will have a great semester!

Here is the course information sheet, which contains the course policies.

Contact Information

Instructor: Giovanna Thron
Email: giovanna [at]
Office: UTSC: Instructional Centre 497
UTSG: Sandford Fleming 4302F
Office Hours: Mon 1:30-3:30, Wed 3:30-4:30
Open door policy (will be at UTSC at least all day Mon and Wed)
Lecture: L01: Mon 12pm-1pm (AC 223) & Wed 1pm-3pm (SY 110) (SW 319)
L02: Mon 9am-10am & Wed 9am-11am (AA 112)
Lab: 2 hours a week (check your schedule)
TA Office Hours: Check discussion board for announcements