CSC236 - Introduction to Theory of Computation

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Contact Information

L0101 L0201
Instructor: Gary Baumgartner Giovanna Thron
Email: gfb at giovanna at
Lectures: TR 1-2, BA 1210 M 4-5, MC 252; W 4-5, BA 1220
Office hours: M-R 3-4, BA 4232 M 10-11, T 2-3, BA 2200, or by appointment


Tutorials start the second week of class.

Gary's group Giovanna's group
Time: R 10-11 F 4-5
Location: Last name A-J: BA 1210
Last name K-P: BA 2155
Last name Q-Z: BA 2159
Last name A-L: BA 3008
Last name M-Z: BA 3012

Marking Scheme

Assignments 3 at 8% each 24%
Exercises 2 at 3% each, 4 at 4% each 22%
Midterms 2 at 7% each 14%
Final Exam 1 at 40% 40%

Important Dates

Week of Work due Reminders
1 Jan 10    
2 Jan 17   Last day to add courses: Sun, Jan 23
3 Jan 24 Exercise 1α: Mon, Jan 24 at noon (NO GRACE DAYS); Exercise 1β: Wed, Jan 25 at 10am  
4 Jan 31 Assignment 1: Wed, Feb 2 at 10am  
5 Feb 7 Midterm 1: during tutorial  
6 Feb 14 Exercise 2α: Thurs, Feb 17 at 10am (NO GRACE DAYS)  
7 Feb 28 Exercise 2β: Wed, Mar 2 at 10am  
8 Mar 7   Last day to drop courses: Sun, Mar 13
9 Mar 14 Assignment 2: Tues, March 15; Midterm 2: during tutorial  
10 Mar 21 Exercise 3α: Friday, Mar 25 at 4pm, no grace days  
11 Mar 28 Exercise 3β: Wed, Mar 30 at 10am  
12 Apr 4 Assignment 3: Wed, Apr 6 at 10am  


For the first part of the course, you can find the CSC236/240 Course Notes by Vassos Hadzilacos in the University bookstore. The text is optional; you can just use your class notes and the lecture notes if you prefer.

Lecture Notes

Assignments and Exercises

Late policy: You have 3 4 grace days for the term. You may use at most 1 per assignment/exercise. Late work when you are out of grace days will not be marked.

Assignments and exercises are typically due Wednesdays at 10am. If you use a grace day, it must be turned in by Thursday at 10am.

Where to turn in: Turn in assignments to the CSC236 drop box in BA2220.

Midterm Tests and Final Exam

Midterms will be held during the tutorial timeslot.

Midterm 1:
Gary's section Giovanna's section
Time: Thurs Feb 10, 10-11 Fri Feb 11, 4-5
Location: A-P: BA 2155
Q-Z: BA 2159
BA 1220

Some previous midterms, all of which the first two problems are relevent to the first midterm: Summer 2004 1, Summer 2004 2, Summer 2005 (with solutions)

Midterm 2:
Gary's section Giovanna's section
Time: Thurs Mar 17, 10-11 Fri Mar 18, 4-5
Location: A-P: BA 2155
Q-Z: BA 2159
BA 1220

Topics for Midterm 2 include program correctness and structural induction (the material covered by E2a, E2b, A2, lecture notes Weeks 4-7).

Final Exam: (Final exam schedule)
For both sections, the exam is Thursday, April 28th, 9am-12pm. L0101 and L0201 will be combined, but you'll be in two rooms, based on last name.

Exam Aid: You may bring one 8½ by 11 sheet of paper, handwritten on both sides. Typed or photocopied sheets are prohibited.

Last name A-Li Last name Ll-Z
Time: Thurs Apr 28, 9-12 Thurs Apr 28, 9-12
Location: SS 1083 SS 1085

You can find past final exams on the U of T library website.