University of Toronto

Computer Science 2528, Fall 2017
Advanced Computational Linguistics

Instructor: Graeme Hirst

CSC 2528 is a participatory course. The class meets once a week for discussions of recent research papers in computational linguistics and natural language processing. We will cover four topics this term, spending two or three weeks on each. In addition, a couple of sessions will be devoted to the topics of students’ term papers.

The topics for Fall 2017 will be

Meetings, Fall 2017: Thursdays, 13:00 to 15:00, BA 2179, beginning Thursday 7 September.

Credit for the course will be based on in-class presentations and a term paper.

Course information sheet (PDF). For further information, contact Graeme Hirst at (The initials of his name)

Topics, readings, and presenters


7 September

CL in a post-truth world

14 September: Background; fake news
21 September: Rumours
28 September: Detection of deception and other kinds of fakes

CL and psychology

5 October: Introduction; Axis I disorders
12 October: Neurological disorders

CL and political texts

19 October: Ideology recognition.
26 October: Beyond ideology recognition.
2 November: Guest speaker: Ludovic Rheault

Ethical issues in CL and NLP

16 November: Intro to ethics and issues in NLP; built-in bias in NLP systems.

The people’s choice

Presentations by students in the class based on their readings for their term papers.

23 November
30 November

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