University of Toronto

Computer Science 2528, Fall 2018
Advanced Computational Linguistics

Instructor: Graeme Hirst

CSC 2528 is a participatory course. The class meets once a week for discussions of recent research papers in computational linguistics and natural language processing. We will cover four topics this term, spending two or three weeks on each.

The topics for Fall 2018 are:

Meetings, Fall 2018: Thursdays, 13:00 to 15:00, OI 5290. (Where the heck is OISE?)
Note the room change!

Credit for the course will be based on in-class presentations and a term paper.

Course information sheet (PDF).
For further information, contact Graeme Hirst at (The initials of his name)

Topics, readings, and presenters


13 September

CL in a post-truth world

20 September: Background; fake news
27 September: Detecting other kinds of fakery

Ethical issues in CL and NLP

4 October: Intro to ethics and issues in NLP; built-in bias in NLP systems.
11 October: Built-in bias (cont.).
18 October: Ethical practices in NLP.

CL and political texts

25 October: Ideology recognition. Guest speaker: Ludovic Rheault
1 November: Beyond ideology recognition.
8 November (A&S Reading Week): Moral analysis of text

Best practices

15 November: Replicability and statistical analysis

The people’s choice

Presentations by students in the class, overviewing the topics that they chose for their term papers.

22 November
29 November

What we did in Fall 2017.

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