For grad students

...especially those at Toronto.


Mobile Robotics

  • M68EVB912B32 : Motorola M68EVB912B32 user manual.
  • IRTester.asm : Short 68HC11 assembler to test and calibrate the Sharp GP2D02 Digital IR sensor.
  • motors.asm : Assembler program to communicate with Motormind B motor controller.
  • : Technological Arts website.

Speech Recognition

  • HTK : The Hidden Markov Model Toolkit.
  • LDC : The Linguistic Data Consortium.
  • Sphinx : Open-source ASR from Carnegie Mellon.
  • VoxForge : Open-source speech audio.

General Geekery

  • ASCII : All codes incl. hex and html.
  • BASH : Indispensible.
  • CPAN : (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) Find and install elusive Perl modules with `sudo cpan install [MODULE]`.
  • GDB : Debugging programs compiled with gcc.
  • Math HTML symbols : Mathy symbols for HTML. Obviously.
  • MATLAB : Exquisite.
  • Multilingual hovercraft : My hovercraft is full of eels.
  • Fallacies : A very useful website indeed.
  • Screen : Detach from your ssh session while still training your models remotely.
  • Subversion : Good version control. Don't forget to 'svn+ssh://' if tunnelling with ssh.
  • Encryption : Encrypt a directory and its contents.
  • Backup : Automatically and incrementally backup your home directory.
  • Remote : Control various applications on your computer with your phone.
  • Multilingua : Transform your own voice into another language, courtesy of Microsoft.