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About me

I am now a postdoc at the Université Paris 7 Diderot. This webpage will move there shortly.

I recently completed my Ph. D. in computer science at the University of Toronto, as a member of the theory group, working under the supervision of Stephen Cook and Toni Pitassi. I did my undergraduate work at Harvard in mathematics, focusing on logic.


I am interested in tradeoffs between online privacy and other measures like communication cost, accuracy, and optimality. Can privacy be traded away in return for faster computation time or better answers to computational problems? Do the same protocols protect privacy from eavesdroppers and other participants? Are some applications and functions hopelessly privacy-revealing?

My general theory interests cover a variety of topics, including computability, distributed computing, cryptography, using randomization in algorithms and proof techniques, and proof complexity.


The Hardness of Being Private. Anil Ada, Arkadev Chattopadhyay, Stephen Cook, Lila Fontes, Michal Koucký, Toniann Pitassi. CCC 2012 (slides).
Formal Theories for Linear Algebra. Stephen Cook and Lila Fontes. Logical Methods in Computer Science Vo. 8 (1:25)2012,pp. 1--31. An early version appeared in Computer Science Logic (CSL) 2010.
Interpreting LAP into VparityL and V#L. Lila Fontes. Working paper. (draft pdf) This was subsumed by "Formal Theories for Linear Algebra," above.
Formal Theories for Logspace Counting. Lila Fontes. M. Sc. thesis. (pdf, arXiv)


I enjoy teaching. I've been a teaching assistant for:

I planned, marked, and lectured in CSC 2429: Communication Complexity, Information Complexity, and Applications during the fall 2012 term.


Service: I was on the Department of Computer Science Chair's Search Committee (spring 2010). I served as treasurer for the Computer Science Graduate Student Benevolent Society (CSGSBS) from '09-'11. I was a CS representative to the Graduate Student Union '08-'09.

Sports: I have in the past enjoyed gymnastics, crew, skiing, and rugby, and synchronized swimming. This has resulted in some cool images of my knee (see my MRI and X-ray), and some knee surgeries. I do not recommend knee surgery as an enjoyable pastime. I also run and sometimes shoot arrows, although not at the same time (yet).

Communication: I have an online presence, as you well know. I maintain a personal blog, and, with my siblings, an oft-neglected silly blog. I sometimes tweet interesting links, if you're into that kind of thing.

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