Fleet, D.J. and Jepson, A.D.
Computation of component image velocity from local phase information.
International Journal of Computer Vision, 5(1): 77--104, 1990

We present a technique for the computation of 2-d component velocity from image sequences. Initially, the image sequence is represented by a family of spatiotemporal velocity-tuned linear filters. Component velocity, computed from spatiotemporal responses of identically tuned filters, is expressed in terms of the local first-order behaviour of surfaces of constant phase. Justification for this definition is discussed from the perspectives of both 2-d image translation and deviations from translation that are typical in perspective projections of 3-d scenes. The resulting technique is predominantly linear, efficient, and suitable for parallel processing. Moreover, it is local in space-time, robust with respect to noise, and permits multiple estimates within a single neighbourhood. Promising quantitative results are reported from experiments with realistic image sequences, including cases with sizeable perspective deformation.
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