CSC2503, Foundations of Computer Vision, Fall 2011  

General Information
David Fleet (
Office: Pratt 391
Office hours: TBD

Allan Jepson (
Office: Pratt 283D
Office hours: TBD

Teaching Assistant:
Peter O'Donovan
Office: Bahen
Office hours: TBA

Lectures: Thursdays, 1-3pm, UC244
Tutorials: Monday, 12-1pm, room BA 2135

Exam Office Hours:
Allan: Tuesday 4-6pm, Thursday 10-11am
David: Wednesday 1:00-4:00pm
About the course
Course Materials
Lecture notes, readings, demos
Old final exams
Assignment 4 (due Dec 2, 8:00pm): (pdf) (starter code/data - 11MB)
Assignment 3 (due Nov 18, 5:00pm): (pdf) (starter code) (pigeon images - 9.5MB)
Assignment 2 (due Oct 31, 12:10pm): (pdf) (old starter code) (new starter code)
Assignment 1 (due Oct 13, 1:00pm): (pdf) (starter code + data - 10MB)
Matlab Libraries and Tutorials