Skip-thought Vectors

Code & trained models to embed sentences into vectors (sent2vec)


Code for order embeddings; state-of-the-art in caption-image retrieval

Instance Segmentation

Code for object instance segmentation


3D Object Proposals

Code & trained models for 3D object detection


Code, data & trained models for object class detection

Clothing Parsing

Code & features for clothing parsing


Beat the MTurkers

Code for pixel-level object labeling given 3D bounding boxes

RGB-D Scenes

Code & data for holistic indoor scene understanding in RGB-D

Distributed S-SVM

Alex Schwing's re-implementation of S-SVM learning for distributed computing; used in our ICCV'13
* Note: Code is under 3.) in the linked webpage


Real-Time Superpixels

Code for real-time superpixels, and joint stereo and superpixel estimation

Holistic Scene Parsing

Code for holistic scene understanding (joint object detection, scene-type classification, image labeling)

Symmetric Parts

Code and data for superpixel grouping into symmetric parts


Videos in Sentences Out

Code and data for video parsing and generation of textual descriptions of videos

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