Prospective Students

I am always seeking to recruit new talents to integrate my research group. If you are a highly motivated, driven, curious graduate or post-graduate student who want to work with me, keep reading. I do receive a ridiculously high number of requests, so only the most serious applicants will get an answer from me. What do I mean by that? If you contact me, and your email fails at demonstrating that you are genuinely interested in my research and supervision, as described below, you will not get an answer.

First of all, please do not send me a generic, unpersonalized email that you copy paste and batch send to a any professor, in any research area. I am not interested in responding to students who haven't made the effort to become acquainted with my research interests and work. A long list of your past experiences will not help, neither will copying-pasting titles of some of my papers. If your email only lists your C.V. and grades, and doesn't mention how our research interests may overlap beyond a generic comment that you liked paper x or y, I won't respond, regardless of how awesome you are.

Now, if you are genuinely interested in working with me, you should familiarize yourself with my research. Send me an abstract or full proposal explaining what research topics attract you, what kind of projects you would be interested in, and why you think our research interests match. I am open to exploring new research areas, but for your research proposal to be positively received, you should demonstrate that you understand the research topics I am interested in, and that you have a general idea of what research questions you would like to explore.

Note that I can only admit graduate students who are enrolled in the University of Toronto Graduate Program

Current Students

Anna Offenwanger (PhD, 2021 - ...), with Theophanis Tsandilas

Warren Park (PhD, 2021 - ...)

Elaine Hyunh (PhD, 2021 - ...)

Nicole Sultanum (PhD, 2017 - ...), with Mike Brudno

Book Sadprasid (MSc 2022 - ...)

Arnav Verma (MSc 2021 - ...)

Former Students

Minfan Zhang (MSc, 2022), with Marzyeh Ghassemi

Gabriela Morgenshtern (MSc, 2022), with Anna Goldenberg

Hrim Mehta, with Chris Collins

Ram Gurram (MScAC 2021)

Peifeng Zhu (MScAC 2021)

Josh Holinaty (MSc, 2021), with Alec Jacobson — now UX/UI artist at Improbable, and freelance professional illustrator

Claudia Chen (MSc, 2021), with Khai Truong — now Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Charles-Olivier Dufresne Camaro (PhD supervision: 2019-2021), with Sven Dickinson — transferred to University of Manitoba

Steven (Yifan) Zeng (MSc, 2020), with Khai Truong — now Software Developer at Verafin

Elaine Hyun (MSc, 2020) — now PhD student at UofT

Vicky Bilbily (MSc, 2020) — now Game Programmer at Behaviour Interactive

Jianda Chen (MScAc, 2020)

Raymond Zeng (MScAc, 2020) — now Software Developer at SOTI

Weija Sun (MScAc, 2020)

Jacob Ritchie (MSc, 2019), with Daniel Wigdor — now PhD student at Stanford

Michael Glueck (PhD, 2018), with Daniel Wigdor — now Manager of Research Science at Facebook Reality Labs

Amira Chalbi (PhD, 2018), with Nicolas Roussel — now Research Scientist at Worldline R&D

Research Assistants, Interns and Undergrad Students

Samuel Vedrik (2021 - 2022) — Undergraduate Student

Haoda Li (2020 - 2021) — Research Assistant (stats)

Mingwei Xu (2020 - 2021) — Research Assistant (stats)

Arnav Verma (2020 - 2021) — Undergraduate Student

Jarryullah Ahmad (2020 - 2021) — Research Assistant

Michael Moon (2019 - present) — Research Assistant (stats)

Eris (Jiyayi) Zhang (2018 - 2020) — Undergraduate Student

Adrien Chaffangeon (2018 - 2019) — International Visiting Student

Jacob Ritchie (2019) — Research Assistant

Hrim Mehta (2016) — MITACS intern

Emmanuel Scouflaire (2016) — Intern

Aurélie Desmet (2015) — Intern

David Demol (2015) — Intern

Anne-Sophie Saint-Omer (2015) — Intern

Guia Camille Gali (2010-2012) — Research Assistant

Symon Olivier (2010-2011) — Research Assistant

Robert Tu (2010-2011) — Research Assistant