iSlideshow Screensaver

by: Eron Steger

This slideshow screensaver transitions between images using the "Ken Burns Effect", slowly zooming and fading between images.
iSlideshow Screensaver (December 25, 2005 - alpha)
Source Code

To install, copy the .scr file to your windows system directory. For Windows 9x and Me, this will likely be C:\windows\system. For Windows 2000/xp, this will be likely be either c:\winnt\system32 or c:\Windows\system32

Once installed, go into the control panel display settings, and choose the 'screen saver' tab. From there, select the 'iSlideshow' screen saver, and press the 'configure' button.

From here, you can add directories to search for images. Directories can be added either by clicking on 'add directory' or by dragging and dropping them from Windows.

Once the images are properly setup, you should see images fading between one another in the screensaver preview. If checkerboards are seen, then the program can't find any images it can load.



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