by: Eron Steger and Daniel Steger

Anomaly is a multiplayer Above Person Shooter (APS) for Windows. Its mechanics are similar to that of a first person shooter (FPS), with aim handled by the mouse and movement by the keyboard. However, instead of controlling the character from his or her point of view, it is controlled from above. It includes a disturbing set of time and space altering weapons.
Game Setup

Anomaly is a client/server game. The current implementation works best for LAN play. While it will work over the Internet, latency and bandwidth may be an issue. As well, while the game allows an unlimited number of players to join a server, it is best to keep the number of players relatively low, around 2 or 3. The player with the fastest computer and best network connection should be the server.

Start the game by running anomaly.exe.

Server: Select a level, and press Start Server to begin. If you have Windows Firewall enabled, make sure to tell it to unblock. You may need to reset the server once if this happens. To determine the server's IP address, start a command prompt and type ipconfig.
(Warning: If the server is behind a router, clients may not be able to connect. The game uses TCP/IP port 4262)

Client: Type the IP address of the server, and press Connect. The server must have started before attempting to connect.

W/S/A/D keys Move player up/down/left/right
Mouse position Aim
Left mouse button Fire
Right mouse button Next weapon
Mouse wheel Next/previous weapon
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 keys Select specific weapon
Tab Show Score

Machine Gun

Has a fast rate of fire, but can be difficult to aim. This is your default gun, and has infinite ammo.


Shoots a spread of bullets. Powerful, but slow reload time.


Explodes dealing heavy damage to a wide area. Be careful with this one.

Time Bomb

When this goes off, time slows down in wide area. Both players and weapons are affected.

Black Hole Bomb

Rips a hole in space, sucking everything in. Very powerful, but very rare.