Strategic Knowledge Modelling for Patent Portfolio Management

a BUL Research Project

Funding agency:  University of Toronto Bell University Labs

Principal Investigators:

Duration:  1-2 years  (2000-2002)

Introduction and Overview

The objective of the project is to develop a modelling technique to support systematic analysis of Intellectual Property (IP) and Patent Portfolio Management (PPM) issues.  The project is part of a research agenda in the Knowledge Management Lab (KM Lab) to develop advanced techniques for managing knowledge in organizations facing today’s complex and fast-paced environments.
The starting point of the research will be the i* framework for modelling strategic dependencies and rationales.  i* provides modelling constructs to support analysis and reasoning about complex social relationships in multi-agent settings.  Agents have intentional properties such as goals, beliefs, abilities, and commitments.  They are strategic in that dependencies among them can lead to opportunities as well as vulnerabilities.  i* has been applied to a number of areas including information systems analysis and  business process reengineering.  This project will carry out the technical research needed to apply, adapt, and extend i* to deal with IP and PPM.  Significant challenges include the much higher complexity of the knowledge in this area, rapid and frequent changes in the knowledge, and the need to represent knowledge from diverse communities and disciplines (technology, business, legal, strategy, etc.) and to support communication across these disciplines.
Expected research results include modelling techniques, methodologically guidelines, and supporting tools.

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