Method: cart-1

This is a basic verion of CART[1]. It creates decision boundaries parallel to the input axes. The same basic options are used in all runs.


Version 1.1 of the CART software provided by California Statistical Software, Inc. 961 Yorkshire Ct. Lafayette, California 94549. Tel. (415) 283-3392 was used. Each task subdirectory contains files buildOptions and buildSpec that were used as input to the program to set the program options.


Directory listing of the results available for the cart-1 method. Put the desired files in the appropriate methods directory in your delve hierarchy and uncompress them with using the "gunzip *.gz" command and untar them using "tar -xvf *.tar".

Related References

[1] Breiman L, Friedman JH, Olshen, RA and Stone CJ. Classification and Regression Trees. Wadsworth International Group: Belmont, California.
Last Updated 8 November 1996
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