David Chan

Email: davidchan [at] cs [dot] toronto [dot] edu.


Chan, D. Y. C., and Kirkpatrick, D. Multi-Path Algorithms for Minimum-Colour Path Problems with Applications to Approximating Barrier Resilience. In Theoretical Computer Science, 2014.

Chan, D. Y. C., and Kirkpatrick, D. Approximating Barrier Resilience for Arrangements of Non-Identical Disk Sensors. In Amotz Bar-Noy and Magns M. Halldrsson, editors, Algorithms for Sensor Systems, volume 7718 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 42-53. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013.
(Presented at the ALGOSENSORS 2012 Conference in Slovenia.)

Chan, D. Y. C. Approximating Barrier Resilience and Related Notions for Disk Sensors in a Two-Dimensional Plane. Master's thesis, The University of British Columbia, 2012.

Vuong, S.T., Schroeder, J., Alam, M.S., and Chan, D. Mobile Learning for Farmers via LIVES - Learning through Interactive Voice Educational System. 2010.

Chan, D. Y. C. Factors influencing the Rate of Toehold Binding in the DNA Toehold Exchange Process. Honours thesis, The University of British Columbia, 2010.