Darrell Aucoin

Data Scientist

Personal Websites: Github, Kaggle, LinkedIn


To obtain an internship in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning, specifically in relation to Masters in Applied Computing at University of Toronto. I will be available starting May, 2017.

Executive Summary

Prospective Data Scientist with degree in Statistics and Computational Math with experience in R, Python, SQL, Apache Spark, C++, and Scala.

Knowledge of a wide variety of statistical models learned though B. Math in Statistics and Computational Math

Demonstrated leadership and management skills as President of Statistics Club for 2 years.

Passion for communicating ideas and concepts via presentations/tutorials for the UW Statistics Club as well as national conferences.

Data Science Skills

Data Science Radar

Data Modelling

Studied various statistical models through Bachelor of Math in Statistics.

Data Wrangling

Prepared and presented extensive tutorial on using SQL for Statistics Club and two Research Terms using Big Data manipulation tools like Apache Hadoop, and Apache Spark.


Created various presentations to convey complex information to others.


Taken a statistics course on Data Visualization.


Experience with R, Python, Matlab, and Apache Spark in data ana- lytics. Taken a CS course with C++ (Object-Oriented Software Development).


Built a small Hadoop cluster using single board computers.


Data Science Radar
  • R
  • Apache Spark
  • Matlab
  • Python
  • C++
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Hadoop
  • Scala


University of Toronto - Toronto, Ontario — Fall 2016-Present

Masters of Science in Applied Computing — 4.0 GPA

Courses: Topics in ML: Interference & Generative Models, Algorithms for Genome Sequence Analysis, Probabilistic Learning and Reasoning, Fundamentals of Statistical Genetics

University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario — 2015

Bachelor of Mathematics with Major in Statistics and Computational Math and CS Minor — 85%

Courses: Inference for Big Data, Classification (Machine Learning), Data Visualisation, Function Estimation, Computational Math, Data Types (Python), Object-Orientated Programming (C++), Databases (SQL)

College of the North Atlantic - St. John’s, NL — Fall 2005

Mechanical Engineering Technology (Manufacturing) Degree — 3.3 GPA

Relevant Work Experience

Statistical Consulting Centre, University of Waterloo — 2015

Software Adviser

Provided software advice on R, SQL, and SPSS for graduate students.

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Assistant — Summer 2015,14

Shoja’eddin Chenouri: University of Waterloo.

Worked with Apache Spark on various data projects and Investigated and wrote supplementary material on various Big Data Tools

Extracurricular Activities

Statistics Club, University of Waterloo — 2013-2015


Lead a team in providing various statistics related educational and social activities for fellow students. Presented tutorials on SQL, Hadoop, and Big Data (videos up on YouTube Channel “UW Stats Club”).

Math Society, University of Waterloo

Executive Evaluation Committee Member — Fall 2015

Evaluated MathSoc executives and provided constructive criticisms and recommendations.


Missing Data Imputation Using Gaussian MixturesFall 2016

CSC 2541: Differentiable Inference and Generative Models Project

Investigated MCMC gaussian mixture models for data imputation.

Review of Genotype Imputation Algorithms — Fall 2016

CSC 2417H: Algorithms for Genome Sequence Analysis Project

Compared various genotype imputation algorithms.

Small Hadoop Cluster — May 2015

Funded by the Math Endowment Fund (MEF).

Created a small Hadoop cluster using single board computers.

Determining Influence in Social Media — Fall 2014

Stat 442: Classification Project

Ranked Twitter users using machine learning algorithms.

Honours and Awards

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award — 2015,14

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Received 2 awards for work underneath a supervisor at University of Waterloo (see Research Experience)

Cherry Statistics Award — 2013

University of Waterloo

For highest mark of 98 in a statistics course (Computational Inference)

Jason Lang Scholarship — 2012

Student Aid Alberta

For outstanding academic achievements in undergraduate studies

Dean's List — 2012

University of Alberta

Honourable Mention — 2012

MCM: The Mathematical Contest in Modelling.

Academic Conferences

SORA/TABA Annual Workshop 2016 and DLSPH Biostatistics Research Day — 2016

University of Toronto

Workshop on causal inference in observational studies

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Conference (UROC 2015)

University of Waterloo

Performed analytics on protein data as part of a 3-person team

Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC 2015)

University of Alberta

Presented a talk on MapReduce and the basics of distributed computing

Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (CUMC 2014)

University of Carlton


Introduction to Apache Spark — 2016

Statistics Club, University of Waterloo

Introduction to the basics of the big data tool Apache Spark

Introduction to SQL — 2014-15

Statistics Club, University of Waterloo

5 hour presentation on concepts and commands for querying in SQL.

Basics of MapReduce and Big Data — 2015

CUMC 2015

MapReduce and the basics of distributed computing.

Big Data Concepts and Tools— 2015

Statistics Club, University of Waterloo

MapReduce and basic overview of commands for Hadoop.

Introduction to Hadoop — 2015

Statistics Club, University of Waterloo

MapReduce and basic overview of commands for Hadoop.

Darrell Aucoin — daucoin@uwaterloo.ca — (519) - 575-1424