Learning, Representation and Context for Human Sensing in Video


Workshop in conjunction with IEEE CVPR, New York, June 22nd 2006


Chairs: Cristian Sminchisescu and Fernando De La Torre



8:30 am     Opening Remarks
Cristian Sminchisescu and Fernando De La Torre




8:35-8:50  Fernando De La Torre

         Challenges in Face Analysis


8:50-9:10 Stan Li

            Near Infrared Image Based Face Recognition


9:10-9:30 Sami Romdhani

Using Multiple Features to Smooth the Cost Function of the 3D Morphable Model  Fitting Algorithms


9:30-9:50 Yann Lecun

            Detection and Pose Estimation with an Energy-Based Framework


9:50-10:10 Bill Freeman

            Non-parametric Belief Propagation for Tracking Hands




10:10-10:30 Coffee Break




10:30-10:50 Dimitris Metaxas

Hybrid Deformable Models for Human Tracking


10:50-11:10 David Fleet

Gaussian Process Dynamical Models for Modeling and Tracking Human Motion.


11:10-11:30 David Forsyth

Big Open Questions in Motion Representation


11:30-11:50 Bill Triggs

Learning to Reconstruct Human Pose from Cluttered Images



11:50-12:30 Poster session (See below)




12:30-1:30 Lunch




1:30-1:50 Deva Ramanan

            Tracking People with Weak Priors


1:50-2:10 Daniel Huttenlocher

 Latent Variable Models for 2D Human Pose


2:10-2:30 Jitendra Malik

Detecting, Localizing and Tracking People in Non-standard Poses    


2:30-2:50 Pascal Fua

Multiple People Tracking through Global Optimization


2:50-3:10 Phil Torr

 Combining Segmentation and Pose Understanding




3:10-3:30 Coffee Break




3:30-3:50 Luc Van Gool

Combining Sample-Based and Analytic Density Propagation for Monocular Tracking


3:50-4:10 Trevor Darrell

           Hybrid Nearest Neighbor Methods for Fast Person Tracking


4:10-4:25 Cristian Sminchisescu

           Challenges in 3d Human Tracking: A Look Back and a Look Forward



4:25-5:30 Panel discussion (see suggestions, list open!)



11:50-12:30 Poster session



n      Leonid Sigal and Michael J. Black


Hierarchical Approach for Articulated 3D Pose-Estimation and Tracking


n      David Marshall, Darren Cosker, Paul L. Rosin Yulia Hicks


Speech and Expression Driven Animation of a Video-Realistic Appearance Based Hierarchical Facial Model


n      Gregory Rogez and Carlos Orrite-Urunela


Constraint-based Search Through Spatio-temporal 2D-Models Framework


n      Tarak Gandhi and Mohan Trivedi


Panoramic Appearance Maps for Human Body Representation and Analysis


n      Yischeng Chen, Rick Parent, Raghu Machiraju and Jim Davis


Human Activity Recognition for Synthesis