TAB - Toronto Autonomic Benchmarks

This page provides links to download the files necessary to reproduce the autonomic benchmarks described in the paper:

Mariano P. Consens, Denilson Barbosa, Adrian M. Teisanu, Laurent Mignet: Goals and Benchmarks for Autonomic Configuration Recommenders . In Proceedings of the 2005 SIGMOD Conference, pages 239-250 (online version).

Data to load the instance databases (about 4GB of compressed, comma-separated data in total):


TPCH Uniform

TPCH Skewed


SQL scripts to build NREF database configurations:




SQL scripts to build TPCH Uniform and Skewed database configurations:




Families of SQL queries:

on the NREF database – NREF2J, NREF3J

on the TPCH Uniform database – UnTH3J

on the TPCH Skewed database – SkTH3J



Additional load scripts are available at Alexander Thiem's  Ingres Design Analyser page.