About Me

Hello! My name is Christine Murad.

I am a PhD Student in Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I completed my Honours B.Sc in Computer Science (2017) and my MSc in Computer Science (2019) from the University of Toronto.
I am part of the Technologies for Aging Gracefully lab, supervised by Dr. Cosmin Munteanu . My research involves exploring the design of conversational voice interfaces and the development of design heuristics and tools to assist designers in VUI design.



Murad, C., Munteanu, C., Cowan, B. R., & Clark, L. 2019. Revolution or Evolution? Speech Interaction and HCI Design Guidelines. In IEEE Pervasive Computing. [DOI Link]

Murad, C. & Munteanu, C. 2019. "I Don't Know What You're Talking About HALexa": The Case for Voice User Interface Guidelines. In Proceedings of CUI '19. (Forthcoming) [Author's Copy]

Murad, C., Munteanu, C., & Stuerzlinger, W. 2019. Effects of Word Error Rate on ASR Correction Interfaces for Mobile Text Entry. In Proceedings of MobileHCI '19 Adjunct. (Forthcoming) [Author's Copy]

Murad, C. 2019. Tools to Support Voice User Interface Design. In Proceedings of MobileHCI '19 Adjunct. (Forthcoming)

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Clark, L., Cowan, B., Edwards, J., Munteanu, C., Murad, C., Aylett, M., Moore, R., Edlund, J., Szekely, E., Healey, P., Harte, N., Torre, I., Gilmartin, E., and Doyle, P. 2019. Mapping Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives for Understanding Speech Interface Interactions. In Proceedings of CHI’19 (Extended Abstracts). [DOI Link]

Murad, C., Munteanu, C. 2019. Teaching for Voice: The State of VUI Design in HCI Education. In Proceedings of EduCHI ’19 Symposium. [Direct Link]


Murad, C., Munteanu, C., Cowan, B. R., & Clark, L. 2018. Design Guidelines for Hands-Free Speech Interaction. In Proceedings of MobileHCI '18 Adjunct. [DOI Link] **Best Poster - Honourable Mention**

Axtell, B., Murad, C., Cowan, B. R., Munteanu, C., Clark, L., & Doyle, P. 2018. Hey Computer, Can We Hit the Reset Button on Speech? In Proceedings of the CHI 2018 Workshop on Voice-based Conversational UX Studies and Design. [Direct Link]

Murad, C. & Munteanu, C. 2018. Designing Accessible Conversational Interfaces for Older Adults: The Case for New Usability Guidelines. In Proceedings of the CSCW 2018 Workshop on Accessible Voice Interfaces. [Direct Link]

Teaching Experience

Note: All positions were completed at the University of Toronto St. George Campus or Mississauga Campus.

CSC108 - Introduction to Computer Science (Teaching Assistant)
  • Fall 2014
  • CSC148 - Introduction to Computer Science (Teaching Assistant)
  • Winter 2015
  • Winter 2016
  • Fall 2016
  • Fall 2017
  • Winter 2019
  • CSC209 - Systems Tools and Software Programming (Teaching Assistant)
  • Winter 2017
  • CSC318 - The Design of Interactive Computational Media (Teaching Assistant)
  • Fall 2018
  • Winter 2018
  • CCT380 - Human-Computer Interaction and Communication (Teaching Assistant)
  • Winter 2019
  • Selected Work Experience

    Research Assistant, University of Toronto, May 2017 - August 2017
    Performed research in the Dynamic Graphics Project Lab, exploring how to improve the workflow of literature review.

    Developer, University of Toronto, May 2016 - August 2016
    Was part of a team of 3 developers to help develop a code review feature on MarkUs, which would allow students to be able to review code that their classmates submitted for an assignment.

    Software Developer, WaveDNA, May 2015 - August 2015
    Worked primarily in Java, in an Agile-based work environment, in order to develop a new product – Liquid Harmony, a product that allows you to create music by sketching out a melody and being able to edit many different components of music.

    Awards and Honours

    Robert E. Landsale/Okino Computer Graphics Graduate Fellowship (November 2017/November 2018)
    Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award (February 2017)
    Chancellor’s Scholarship – Ashbaugh (October 2016)