Calum MacRury

PhD Student, University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science.

Sanford Flemming Building

10 King's College Road

Toronto, ON, M5S-3G4

I’m a fourth year PhD student in the theory group at the University of Toronto, where I’m fortunate to be supervised by Dr. Allan Borodin. Previously, I obtained a master’s degree in mathematics from McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Dmitry Jakobson, and before that, I completed my undergraduate studies at Dalhousie University.

I’m broadly interested in topics which intersect between probabilistic combinatorics and algorithm design. More specifically, I work on combinatorics problems which involve randomness in the underlying discrete structure, typically in the context of random graphs and processes. Lately, I’ve been researching the fast construction of sparse subgraphs in the semi-random graph process. I’m also interested in random hypergraphs and matrices, and have researched both in the context of discrepancy theory. My work in combinatorial optimization is in online algorithms, and more generally, decision making under uncertainty. I’m especially interested in stochastic matching problems.