Chloé Pou-Prom

NLP & AI for healthcare. Data Scientist @ LKS-CHART. Previously: MSc student @ University of Toronto.


  • Chloé Pou-Prom, Frank Rudzicz. "Learning multiview embeddings for assessing dementia", in Conference on Empirical Methods for Natural Language Processing, 2018. [paper] [slides]
  • Serena Jeblee, Akshay Budhkar, Saša Milić, Jeff Pinto, Chloé Pou-Prom, Krishnapriya Vishnubhotla, Graeme Hirst, Frank Rudzicz. "TorontoCL at CLEF 2018 eHealth Task 1: Multi-lingual ICD-10 Coding using an Ensemble of Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks", in CLEF 2018 eHealth Working Notes, 2018. [paper]


  • E-mail: chloe [at] cs [dot] toronto [dot] edu
  • Twitter: @chloepouprom