Mark Lawford, McMaster University

Stupid Tool Tricks for Smart Model Based Design


Formal methods tools can be used to detect and prevent errors so researchers assume that industry will use them. We are often frustrated when we see industrial projects where tools could have been used to detect or prevent errors in the final product. Researchers often fail to realize that there is a significant gap between a potentially useful tool and its use in a standards compliant, commercially viable, development process. In this talk I take a look at seemingly mundane industrial requirements - qualification (certification) of tools for use in standards compliant development process for general safety (IEC 61508), Automotive (ISO 26262) and Avionics (DO-178C), Model Based Design coding guidelines compliance, standards compliance documentation generation and integration with existing industry partner development processes. For each of these topics I show how “stupid tool tricks” can be used to not only increase adoption of academic methods & tools, but also lead to interesting research questions with industry relevant results.