Tim Capes, PhD Candidate, Home Page

Hi, I'm a KR&R Student at the University of Toronto and a sometimes sessional lecturer. My main area of study is reasoning about physical systems, and my main tool for that purpose is the situation calculus. I am also very interested in tractable reasoning and planning. I have broad interests in AI and a passion for computer science education. I am also passionate about technology startups and am eager to discuss interesting ideas and provide contacts if those discussions prove fruitful.

I'm a gamer at heart, having played many different games at competitive levels. Of these I have a particular fondness for bridge, where I played internationally on the U26 bronze medal winning team for Canada in 2005 and for the now dead game EPICTCG where I won a tournament in Brooklyn and finished 2nd at the World Championships in Philadelphia.

Another source for knowing more about me and my interests is: My TED Profile

If you are looking for my page on the importance of computer science education you can find it here: Computer Science for the Arts

If you are looking for the course webpage for the Winter 2011 CSC104, you can find it here: CSC104 Homepage

The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail at the following address: capestim@cs.toronto.edu