Winter 2005 -- CSC 340H:
"Information Systems Analysis and Design"

Assignments and Exam


This webpage will contain copies of the handouts and announcements and hints for each assignment.

Please review the following policies:

Please review these notes on teamwork.

If you feel that you deserve a remark on your assignment:

Please see the General info page for your campus for assignment submission details.

Assignments must be submitted in either PDF, postcript, rtf, or MS Word format.

Assignment Handout
1 Description
Support materials about inspection
A set of specifications for you to choose from for your inspection
2 Description
3 Description
4 Description

Here are some sample assignments. Please remember that the course has changed since then, and these assignments do not necessarily reflect what we expect from you now. If you plan on looking at those sample assignments, then you should also read the assignment descriptions to see how they differ from this term's assignment descriptions.

Midterm Test and Final Exam

Here are some sample midterms and exams from previous terms. The course has changed recently, so not all of the material tested on these exams will be covered this term. In particular, in past terms design was covered in more detail, so ignore exam questions asking for detailed designs.

St. George midterm: Thursday, March 10 at 6pm in BA1160

Previous Midterms:

Previous Exams:

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