ECE 358 -- Foundations of Computing

Winter 2013

Lectures: MTR 10-11 in WB130, RS310, and BA1230 respectively

Instructor: Michael Brudno
Office: Pratt (PT) 286C
Office Hours: Tu1-3, Fri 2-3, and by appointment


General information

This course will cover some topics in the design and analysis of algorithms. The topics covered will include Divide & Conquer algorithms, Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming, Network Flow, Linear Programming, as well as the concept of NP-completeness/hardness and approximation and heuristic algorithms used to solve NP-hard problems. While the material covered will be of a rather mathematical nature, we will stress the practical constraints that go into designing algorithms and try to make the course as applied as possible.

The graded materials for this class will consist of 3 homework problems and 1 programming project, each worth 8% of the grade (32% total), 6 quizzes worth 2% each with the lowest dropped (10% total) two term tests worth 13% each, and a final worth 32%.