Michael Brudno

Associate Professor & Canada Research Chair in Computational Biology

University of Toronto Hospital for Sick Children
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Research Summary:

My main research interest is the development of computational methods for the analysis of High throughput, a.k.a. Next-Generation sequencing data. Together with my group we are working on algorithms for assembly, mapping, visualization, and variation discovery with short reads. In addition, we also work on cloud computing, whole-genome alignment, as well as on detection and analysis of genome variation in the sea squirt C. savignyi. Please see the publications and research pages for more details.

Current Teaching:

Brief Academic Bio:

After receiving a BA in Computer Science and History from UC Berkeley, I worked on my PhD at the Computer Science Department of Stanford University, developing several approaches for comparison of genomic sequences, including the LAGAN Alignment Toolkit. I then completed a postdoc at the Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley and was a Visiting Scientist at CSAIL (MIT) before starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto in January 2006. I am the recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Ontario Early Researcher Award, and a Canada Research Chair in Computational Biology.

Contact info:

brudno {at} cs {.} toronto {.} edu
tel: +1 416-978-2589
fax: +1 416-978-1455
Dept of Computer Science
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Centre for Computational Medicine
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