Modelling and Visualization of Implicit Surfaces
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Caligraphic interface for free-form modelling
BlobMaker is a program for modelling surfaces using variational implicit surfaces. This system offers a solution to use variational implicit surfaces as a geometrical representation for free-form shapes.
The modeller allows new modelling operations to support stroke (pen-based) input. Shapes are created and manipulated using sketches on a perspective or parallel view.
The main operations are inflate, which creates 3D forms from a 2D stroke, merge which creates a 3D shape from two blobs and oversketch which allows users to redefine shapes using a single stroke to change their boundaries or to modify a surface by an implicit extrusion.
  • Demostration video clip [AVI (4.3Mb) ]
    This video demonstrates Blobmaker application.

  • Blobmaker: Free-form modelling with variational implicit surfaces
    De Araujo B. and Jorge J.
    Proceedings of "12° Encontro Português de Computação Grafica" (12° EPCG), pages 17-26, Porto, Portugal, Oct 2003
    [Paper (PDF 2.1Mb) ]

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