CSC-2232: Topics in Computer System Performance and Reliability: Storage Systems
Fall 2012


Over 90% of all new information produced in the world is being stored on digital storage systems, including the crown jewels jewels of enterprises (ranging from Microsofts's source code to the sales database of every e-commerce site) and personal records, such as photos, correspondence, and movies. Storage systems often dominate the performance of a system, and their components' inner workings require amazing feats of engineering. The success of many young and cool companies, such as Google, Facebook and Youtube, is derived from their ability to efficiently and reliably store large amounts of data. The exponentially growing need for data capacity and access speed is making storage systems one of the fields with the most robust demand for bright people, both in industry and in academia.

In this class, you will learn about the latest and greatest in storage systems, studying novel ideas from academia and learning about the best "real-world" systems. You will also perform a cutting-edge mini-research project, where you design, build, and/or evaluate a system.



Meeting Time/Place: Wed 3-5pm, BA 5205


Bianca Schroeder
office: BA 5236
phone: 416-946-0309
office hours: By appointment



The basic goal of the project component is for class members to gain research experience by designing and exploring an interesting storage systems problem. The storage systems problem should explore issues, solve problems or exploit techniques from classroom discussions or papers. The expectation is to have a workshop quality paper by the end of the term. Students are expected to work in teams of two on the project.

You are encouraged to choose a project from one of the project ideas we propose or come up with your own project idea. It is fine for your project to span areas, combining storage systems issues (this class) and others like machine learning, HCI and theory. However, there must obviously be a significant CSC-2232-related component, and all project plans must be explicitly okay'd by the instructor.

For a list of project ideas check here.

There will be five project milestones (the due dates might be subject to change):






* Everything here is subject to change.