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Completion of a B.Sc Specialist degree within Computer Science: Software Engineering and Major in Mathematics, at the University of Toronto St. George (UTSG) Campus. Currently a returning student to the UTSG to complete a Masters of Science degree within the research field of Software Engineering.

My interests towards computers began when I was very young, when my father purchased my family's very first home computer. My initial reaction towards it was complete amazement, more so towards how one interacts with it. It didn't take long from then on until I realized my true curiosity and interests towards the computer's developmental/computational abilities. An introduction to computer science course in high school easily led me in the inevitable path to my hopeful career. Without a doubt, I definitely feel computer science is the path I want to follow and I intend to see how far it'll take me. This journey is filled with an endless amount of developing knowledge that I intend to be a part of.

Although I am specializing in software engineering, I also hold a strong interest in research, web development, and human-computer interaction (HCI). I enjoy all aspects of understanding how the computer works and as well as how it's able to handle what it does for us on a daily basis. In addition, I also appreciate the design of all computer interaction systems (both hardware and software tools) as well as its developmental processes.

In terms of community involvement within the university, I've been the communication coordinator executive for the Psychology Students' Association (PSA). This organization represents all psychology students within the St. George campus, providing many events as well as opportunities for them. I've also been an ambassador for the Department of Computer Science (DCS). And as a DCS ambassador, I help out with university and department related events regularly.

In addition to volunteering, I hold a strong interest in tennis, playing that sport regularly. Other sports I'm interested in are badminton and table tennis.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: Java, Python, Matlab, Visual Basic, Scheme, C
Web Development: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, DOM, Firebug
Web Services/Frameworks: Jersey, CodeIgniter
Databases: MySQL, DB2, Oracle SQL
Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX & Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu)
IDE & Version Control: Eclipse, NetBeans, Wing, SVN, Rational Team Concert (RTC), Git
Ticket Systems: Trac, RTC
Methodologies: OOD, MVC, REST
Testing Frameworks: JUnit

Professional Experience

University of Toronto
Graduate Teaching Assistant
(Sept 2014 –- Apr 2015)
  • CSC343, CSCC43, 3rd Year - Introduction to Databases
  • CSC302, 3rd Year - Engineering Large Software Systems
  • Answered and presented fundamental concepts within each respective course clearly to students. Graded assignments, invigilated final exams & midterms, as well as held office hours.
Deloitte Canada - Customer Solutions
Business Technology Analyst, Consulting
(May 2014 –- August 2014)
    Responsible for developing and delivering a strategy for clients to help create profitable growth with their customers, building and implementing technology applications that address key business challenges and opportunities, and applying tools that help companies share information, manage business processes, and convert raw data into information to manage business processes more effectively and improve the ability to make informed decisions.
University of Toronto
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
(Sept 2013 –- April 2014)
  • CSC108, 1st Year - Introduction to Computer Science
  • CSC104, 1st Year - Computational Thinking
  • CSC324, 3rd Year - Principles of Programming Languages
  • Answered and presented fundamental concepts within each respective course clearly to students. Graded assignments, invigilated final exams & midterms, as well as held office hours.
IBM Canada Ltd, Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS)
Software Prototype Developer Intern
(May 2012 –- Aug 2013)
    Leading the web application & mobile project DIANE (Domain Informatics Analytics for Enterprise). Under the research theme of business intelligence and business analytics, it is an application with the initiative to gain an understanding of enterprise consumption of informatics technologies through real case studies, in order to find out the consumability issues and barriers of technology adoption. Utilizing many concepts such as predictive analytics, data mining, decision optimization, and text analytics.

    CASCON 2012 Workshop Co-Chair & Staff Member for the 22nd annual international conference hosted by the Centre for Advanced Studies Research, IBM Canada Software Laboratory. The program includes keynote presentations, technical papers, workshops, and a technology showcase. Co-Chaired, "Google's Go and Dart: Parallelism and Structured Web Development for Better Analytics and Applications" hands-on workshop. Lectured on Google's Dart programming language comparing its unique features to JavaScript, more specifically on Isolates, DOM changes, Snapshotting, as well as all standard fundamental concepts of the language. In addition, acted as a receptionist/staff for the conference attendees, as well as aided in the setup and organization of the event.
University of Toronto
Organization Software Developer
(April 2011 -– August 2012)
    Developed, managed, and independently instituted a volunteer login software system used by over 80 volunteers every semester. This is a freely developed system meant solely for the Psychology Students' Association using record files to keep track of the number of hours each volunteer has devoted to the association. Administrated and maintained log of records for each volunteer.
University of Toronto
Undergraduate Research Assistant
(May 2011 -– August 2011)
Professor: Marsha Chechik
Supervisor: Rick Salay
    Tasked with the creation of new features for a Model Management Tool Framework (MMTF) infrastructure that will aid software modelling complexities through a set of techniques. MMTF is an Eclipse plug-in for software model management developed by the University of Toronto which is used to create (user-defined) models in many notations, define relationships between these models, as well as transformations performed by operators.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

IBM Canada Ltd.
Blue University President
(May 2012 –- August 2013)
    Blue U, formally known as Blue University is a month long event organized by the Future Blue Career & Development Team. This event allows the student community to gain valuable knowledge on essential soft skills from the best of the best here at IBM. Our goal is to have successful speakers provide students hints and tips of how they have come to master the art of presentation, networking and leadership skills. http://futureblue.wordpress.com/

IBM Canada Ltd.
Future Blue Blogger
(May 2012– - August 2013)
    The FutureBlue Communications Team runs this blog for current (and potential future) EPIC students of IBM Canada. To continue functioning as the trendiest Student/Intern/Co-Op community, the Future Blue team is ready to change the way we communicate, give students an interactive forum, take risks and provide students with the resources and updates they need (without having to send a flood of e-mails). http://futureblue.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/bq2/

University of Toronto
Psychology Students' Association - Communication Coordinator Executive [PSA]
(September 2009 –- September 2013)
    Within the Department of Psychology, the Psychology Students' Association (PSA) is an organization at the University of Toronto that represents over 5,000 psychology students. We act as a liaison between faculty and students, and participate in the promotion of multiple facets of psychology student life. Tasks include updating and managing all forms of online media associated to PSA: Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, e-mail etc. http://psa.psych.utoronto.ca/

University of Toronto
Department of Computer Science - Ambassador [DCS Ambassador]
(September 2010 –- April 2011)
    Within the Department of Computer Science, DCS Ambassadors are Computer Science students who serve as representatives of the department as they volunteer at outreach events and activities throughout the year, sharing their enthusiasm for computer science and for DCS as well as personal experiences.

University of Toronto
Psychology Students' Association - General Volunteer [PSA]
(September 2009 –- April 2011)
    Volunteering responsibilities include answering phone inquiries, selling numerous test packages, addressing and directing questions, operating a large test and graduate school library, and aiding in the general administration of office operations. http://psa.psych.utoronto.ca/


Deloitte Canada
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Certificate
(May 2014 –- August 2014)
Lean Six Sigma combines Six Sigma's focus on creating customer value and reducing business process variation with Lean's focus on identifying and eliminating waste in business processes to improve the flow of value to the customer.

University of Toronto
Explore U of T Certificate Program
(Sept 2009 –- March 2011)
  • Academic Skills Development Certificate
  • Personal Skills Development Certificate
  • Leadership Development Certificate
  • Civic Engagement and Campus Involvement Certificate


Google's Go and Dart: parallelism and structured web development for better analytics and applications.
In Proceedings of the 2012 Conference of the Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative Research, IBM Corp. Riverton, NJ, USA ©2012

Research & Projects

HCI - Innovative Spiral Lock Design for Smartphone Security

University of Toronto

Computer Graphics Array Tracer

University of Toronto

Model Management Tool Framework (MMTF)

University of Toronto

Twitter Tweet Classification

University of Toronto

Natural Language Processing - Speech Preprocessing & Recognition

University of Toronto

Compilers and Interpreters - Multipass Compiler

University of Toronto

Natural Language Processing - Statistical Machine Translation IBM Model-1

University of Toronto


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