My visits and trips in British Columbia

My latest destination with Olivia in our exploration of Canada before she went back to France was Vancouver. We spent a week there, and to our surprise, while leaving Toronto still under the snow, we discovered that the spring had already arrived in Vancouver. All the trees had leaves and there were blossoms and flowers everywhere! Vancouver is a very nice city with the sea and the mountains... like a dream, except for the ceaseless rain.... I liked Stanley Park of course, UBC, downtown. We spent a day in Whistler, where we did a hike in the valley, beautiful landscapes, even though it was rainy the whole day. We spent also about two days on Mayne Island, a small Island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. It was really quiet there, and finally sunny! We went for a walk and had the chance to see two see lions, that seemed to be lost. We also take advantage to be close to Vancouver island to spend a day in Victoria. The city is nice and clean, and touristy. It was nice to spend a day there. The all time we were there (both in Vancouver and on Mayne Island) we stayed with the Kruchtens', Olivia's roommate's parents. They are really nice people, and staying with them probably contributed a lot to the fact that we had a great time!