My visits and trips in Ontario

The first thing I did, I think, was going to a Blue Jays game. It was less boring that I expected....

I, of course, have been to Niagara Falls with 3 other students from France: Miles, Olivia, and Laurent.

I spent my colder time in Ottawa. Despite the temperature of -30°C before windchill (my new record!) I really enjoy the trip to Ottawa with Olivia. The city is really nice, skating on the Rideau Canal is great and there are some good museums.

For the long May Weekend, I went for a canoe trip in Algonquin Parc. I had a really good time even it was sometimes hard to paddlle. We spent the whole weekend in the nature and the weather was sunny and warm, it was wonderful!

In June and July 2003 i had the visit from my parents first and then from my sister. I then after almost one year visited Toronto . I also went in Quebec : Saguenay Fjord, Charlevoix and Quebec city. It is really beautiful and I saw whales! I went to Ottawa for Canada Day with my sister, it was great, a day in red and white, I almost fellt Canadian ;o). The temperature this time was really good, about 55°C more than when I went in winter.

Like 450 000 other people, I went to the biggest concert of my life, that some people called SARStock. AC/DC and the Stones, it was huge and hot!

The long weekend of August for Civic Day I went to a canoe trip in Temagami. It was really great, the weather was not as bad as expected, I even got some sunburn. It is a beautiful region and it is so quiet to be on the water with the forest all around. But we were not the only one to like this place, mosquitoes seemed to love it, we therefore all got back with many souvenirs from them...

In Octobre 2003 My brother and a friend of his visited me. We spent 2 days in Algonquin Park for Thanksgiving weekend. A day of canoeing and one of hiking to apreciate the wonderful fall colors.

I am proud to say that I climbed the CN Tower!!! At the end of October, United Way organized a CN climbing day to raise money, and I did it, with some people from the department. It took me almost half an hour to arrive at the top.

To enjoy the winter, the only thing to do is to do great winter activities: I therefore went snowshoeing to the Hart House Farm. For the first time I tried cross country skiing et the UTOC Cabin (University of Toronto Outing Club). It was awesome, good fresh snow, nice people, I had a great weekend.

My first camping of the year was in Algonquin Park, early May. We had almost every kind of possible weather, it froze at night, we had some rain and also some nice warm sun!

I have always wanted to go in the Bruce Peninsula, since I heard about it, about a year ago I think. So I organised a camping trip there. I first thought it would be a few people, we ended with 17 people, 3 campsites tons of cars and tents! I tell you that it took me some time for the organisation... But everything went smoothly, we spend a wonderful weekend in the Bruce Peninsula at the end of June. What a nice landscape, these cliffs and beaches, and the water so blue! So bad, that the water was icy cold, and that it was windy, we could almost we were somewhere in the south otherwise ;o)